Network Intelligence is a rapidly emerging Enhanced Solutions provider that offers Agents the capability of Extending switched based services and capabilities to non-facility based users of Telecommunications Services.

Isn’t it about time that you worked with a consultancy that not only has extensive experience, but is willing and able to leverage that experience to your benefit?

             Services are a product family of SIP based Managed Services.  These products deliver the technical and operational tasks needed to operate a fully-featured IP telecommunications infrastructure on an outsourced basis.

Network Intelligence has created SiPSuite services 
to respond the telecommunications needs of Resellers, Master Agents, wholesale SIP users, CLECs, and Independent Telco’s.

Network Intelligence, an Enhanced Solutions provider of SIP based managed services, has evolved from providing clients with information and advice to providing fully customized and outsourced operating solutions for their telecommunications needs.

Advice in Action is the key to your success!  We can have a managed solution up and running within 30 days anywhere in the world, utilizing SIP and TDM connections, delivered from carrier-class equipment in hardened and secure data centers.