Enable agents to sell universal access to the IP cloud infrastructure and provide unique services and capabilities to your customers for an affordable flat rate fee.

SiPConnect was created with the Agent in mind and designed to replace traditional dedicated loop access with SIP enabled access to multiple carriers for redundancy, load balancing of traffic and ease of transition between providers. It provides a carrier-agnostic SIP connection between our cloud-based IP switching infrastructure and your customer.

- Access to Carrier Termination and Toll Free Services

    • New or existing Carriers

    • Supports Two Carriers for Redundancy

        ‣ Load Balancing of traffic

        ‣ Realtime failover routing

        ‣ No Downtime when changing out carrier


- Session Border Control Security

    • Carrier Grade Platform(s)

    • Session Border Control

        ‣ Static IP’s or Endpoint Registration

        ‣ Customer Network Topology Hiding


- Flat Rate access to SiP based carrier services

    • 24 channels @ $  99.95/mo

    • 48 channels @ $179.95/mo

    • 72 channels @ $239.95/mo

    • 96 channels @ $299.95/mo

    • Rate per minute charged and billed by Carrier


Download our SiPConnect DataSheet

- One Time Setup

  • Your customer completes interop testing once    with the loop
  • All Carrier and Customer interop included in the NRC of $199.95


- Integrates with Master Agent delivered Data Services

  • Requires Internet Connection
  • Requires IAD, DIA or IP PBX/Device



  • Business Continuity for your Customer
  • Session Border Control features enhances Customer security
  • Change Carriers or add Features without additional interop or downtime
  • No Mark up on Carrier rates
  • SiP origination may eliminate Intrastate Jurisdiction
  • Eliminates Take or Pay Delay – No contractual barriers to deployment
  • Agent controls Customer access to Carriers and Features
  • Agent can decrease the customer cost and increase commissions

Also Available...

Enhanced Services for SiPConnect

  • Access to Multiple/Redundant Switches
    • Multiple IP’s
    • Hot Standby Access in the event of a network failure
  • Supports Multiple Customer IP’s for Inbound Toll Free and DID termination*
    • Call  Distribution and Redundancy
  • Multiple Carriers
    • Supports up to 4 Carriers for one flat fee*
  • IntelliRoute LCR™*
    • Least Cost Routing for your Customer’s Carriers
      • Typical Savings in excess of 20%
    • Time Of Day Routing
  • Custom Dial Plans*
  • CDR Data*
    • TEM for your customer
    • Reports
  • Enhanced Security via IPSEC*


*See Pricing per feature